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What I'm doing right now

  • Currently in Stockholm and will now stay here for a few months. Which will be the longest period of time I've been in Sweden in almost two years!
  • I've started a Tequila Friday Newsletter and it's probably only amusing to me, but if you're interested, you can sign up here
  • Regarding work I just got in a couple of assignment, but have availability for more. If you want to work with me and have no idea of what I'm doing, is the place to go.
  • A few weeks ago I was at Oktoberfest for my second year. It was just as fun as the first time, and just like then, I'm now paying the price for it with a cold. Totally worth it.
  • Since a couple of weeks I've also worked on establishing a better morning routine. I now start with journaling and writing down ten ideas every day, inspired by smart friends.
  • Today I started my 30-day challenge of writing one blog post a day. It's time to kick the habit of spending a month per blog post before I publish it. Wish me luck. 

Updated October 7, 2017.

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