"So what is it actually that you do?"

I get this question fairly often, including from people who have worked with me and for years have thought I was a developer or designer (I'm neither). This page is for you guys. And, of course, for anyone who might want to work with me. 

Project Management & Online Communication

I'm freelancing as a Digital Project Manager and Online Communications Manager. This could mean a project for three months where I work with designers and developers to build a website for a client. Or more long-term commitments, where I handle day-to-day content creation, manage social media and help make strategic decisions. 

Previously I worked at a digital communications agency in Sweden, specialized in corporate communication. To get the full picture, my Linkedin profile is up to date.


A long-term passion of mine is photography. It has mainly been a hobby, but I do take on assignments from time to time. I also love doing creative shoots for fun. If you're curious, take a look at a few examples of my work here.

Work with me?

I'm taking on assignments again from end of August. If you want to work with me, shoot me an e-mail at hello@sannablogs.com or on any social channel.