Sanna StefanssonComment

That damn process

Sanna StefanssonComment

If you’re working on a creative project, it sometimes feels like you’re trying to find your way through a dense forest. From your happy safe place, you once saw something on the other side, over the treetops. “That looks interesting, I should explore that.”

But when you started, the sun was still shining. Birds singing, fluffy clouds, and all other cliches you’ll find at the beginning of a Disney movie. The forest didn’t look so scary.

That sunny day turns to night. It’s freezing cold. You forgot to bring a sweater. And food. You don’t have a map*, and even if you did, you’ll not be able to read it, because you have no flashlight. Suddenly your hands and feet are tied as well. There are wild animals everywhere. Most likely wanting to kill you. 

But, you are already on your way, walking. Or hopping. You know, feet tied and all. You can’t go back now. What you left is already gone. The only thing you can do is remember what you saw when you started, stop agonizing over your less than ideal situation, and trust the damn process.

It’s perfectly fine to have shitty moments. Scream a little. Or cry. Or both. Then, keep going. And be grateful for that this is just a metaphor and you don’t actually have to skip through a forest in the dark.**

*Google Maps doesn’t exist in this metaphor ok, just go with it.
**I hope. Otherwise, kudos for managing to read this in the process. Pun intended.

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