Sanna StefanssonComment

Crisis (or lack thereof)

Sanna StefanssonComment

At 25 I had a complete meltdown. One of those “what the fuck am I doing with my life” type of crisis. I had it again when I turned 29. Man, did I hate celebrating my birthday in my twenties, for one simple reason: every birthday was a reminder of time passing by, while I was stuck in the same place.

I felt frustrated and lost, waiting for a big revelation of what to do with my life, which never came. It took me a while, but I finally figured out it doesn’t work like that.

This summer was the first time I found a hair that was not just blonde, but a clear grey shade. As a women. the expected reaction is to panic and run to the hairdresser to cover it up. I, talking to myself as usual, said “cool, grey hair”. No crisis in sight.

At the moment it seems like I’m pretty happy with getting older. Which I think is connected to being more comfortable with who I am, and being clear on my priorities, as I’ve written about before. But maybe more important than that, is that I’m actively making decisions to create a life that aligns with my priorities. It’s not perfect. It’s not about being happy and carefree. It’s about progress and taking responsibility over what I can change. Which is a lot more than I understood five years ago.

Life is interesting, you guys. With all its twists and turns. Can’t wait to turn 33 and celebrate a few more grey hairs.

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