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Using that momentum

Sanna StefanssonComment

I have this old habit I developed during my last job. Before that, I always had a million things on the side. I would work full-time, and on the side take on photo assignments, build websites, work with conferences, and so on. For this role, I wanted to dedicate all my attention to be the best consultant I could be, and learn everything I could where I was.

For four years I didn’t do much else. I was barely writing or reading. I mostly consumed content relating to my job, which was about communication, building culture, dealing with people, and, of course, project management.

It was a deliberate investment of focus, but I finally had enough and started longing for going back to what suits me better - I like having multiple projects, to dive into new things, follow my curiosity. The habit I developed was to avoid this, which meant I would file away any interesting idea or topic into “later, when I have time”. Ah, that magical future.

Earlier this spring I listened to an interview with Tony Robbins, I think it was on Tim Ferriss. He talked about the value of using that initial excitement you get at the beginning of an idea to get started right away. Take the chance to build momentum.

It’s a simple advice. But this is something I now think about every time I get an idea I’m excited about, and my default reaction is to add it in a never-ending list somewhere where dreams go to die. And I just put it into motion instead. One step, build momentum, see where it goes.

It might be my favorite new habit this year.

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