When your friends have kids

When your friends have kids

You know what happens when you leave your home country and spend a couple of years traveling? Your friends keep living their lives, and of the sudden, you come back to a world where they turned into real grownups.

Just this year two of my friends are getting married, two are now house-owners, another two bought new apartments, and two has given birth to babies.  

All while my biggest contemplation is if I should invest in a new suitcase since my current is now lacking one out of four wheels and the zipper only works one way, otherwise it rips open and everything falls out like the intestines of a slaughtered animal, which is kind of how I feel about my wardrobe after wearing the same dresses for months. 

Contrasts, you know. 

There are two flip sides to this. One, I get top priority when I'm in Sweden. Since they don't know when they'll see me next time, they always squeeze me into their schedules. Some of my friends I actually spend more time with now than I did when I lived a subway ride away. Two, when they are pregnant I get to bring out my camera and create some memories. (Also, awkward photo shoots I put my friends through these past fifteen years could be a post of its own.)

Which brings me to what I actually wanted to share - photos of my gorgeous friend Christine. She decided to give birth while I was in the middle of an Atlantic cruise, constantly drunk on margaritas. I may have cried a little when I finally got wifi and saw that little Lou was out and well. (I blame that on the tequila.)

But before I left for that trip, we managed to get together for the traditional pregnancy photo shoot. The weather did not agree with our original plans, instead, we improvised with what we could find in her building and went for a subdued vibe. Different from my usual style, and something I want to explore more. 

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