Why Cape Town?

I get questions every now and then from people, wondering what on earth I do all day. Or, just the classic assumption, that I spent my days in a sun chair, with a Margarita in one hand and laptop in the other. Oh, I wish.

But when your laptop is your livelihood, exposing it to sand and water is not a risk you take lightly. It’s bad enough that you carry it with you every waken hour, sometimes in 90% humidity, and also I’m still worried about leftovers from the ant colony that used my computer as their holiday vacation space in Bali.

My home office is pretty sweet, though.
My home office is pretty sweet, though.

The reality for me is that my Airbnb hosts felt so bad for me working all the time, that they actually bought a desk to put in my room. To at least make my working days a bit more comfortable than hunching in a chair. Or maybe they just wanted their kitchen table back, who knows.

So I've decided to write a bit about the daily stuff of my current nomadic life, and how I approach it. Maybe it will serve as inspiration, maybe it will work as a warning example. Anyways, I thought I start with clearing up why I decided on my current location.

Where to next

Since I'm working, I have a few circumstances to consider that I wouldn't have to consider if it was a holiday. For this trip, it was the following:

  • I'm going to be away from January to March.
  • I have assignments that will keep me occupied full time January - February.
  • My current clients are exclusively in Sweden, and for part of this time, I need to be available for Swedish working hours.
  • Health is a priority for me right now, which I’ll write more about in a later post.

That means little leeway in case something goes wrong. Stable connection and backup plans are crucial. And since I’m going to spend so much time working, going to a rural exotic place, where something like topping up your SIM-card can be a full-day adventure, is just not an option. No matter how much I love those experiences, I’d rather wait till a time when I can be more flexible with my schedule.

Also, since not wearing pants is another life goal, warm weather is important. Which excludes most of Europe. The timezone issue makes working in North, Central and South America a hassle. Asia is always a great idea, but I spent a lot of time there 2015-2016 and wanted to see something new.

The only option that makes sense: Africa!

I considered Mozambique for a while, but the need for stability, and as a first introduction to Africa, I finally booked a ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. Which to be honest is pretty European. It has the ocean, nature, good weather (although can we talk about the wind that makes most of my dresses impossible to wear here?), the city life, and it’s currently one hour ahead of Sweden. It was a pretty obvious choice. And don't get me started on the wide range of culture and activities to be experienced just around the corner.

Also wine. Wine is important.
Also wine. Wine is important.

I’m here for seven weeks, currently renting a room in a little collective in Woodstock, an area slightly outside of the city center. The people are amazing, I have Table Mountain around the corner and did I mention wine? I've been on one vineyard tour so far and it's clear to me I could easily do this twice a week.


After two weeks here, I've noticed that Cape Town is gorgeous, thinking about safety takes some getting used to, and the people here are, as in most places, amazing. Also, my list of things to do is getting no shorter. Five more weeks and I'm already planning on coming back.

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