30 and too old for this shit

Three months and a couple of days. That’s how long I’ve been 30. Whenever I say my age to people I meet here, their instant reaction is “what, I would have guessed 25?!”. Good for my ego, but I could not be happier over being exactly the age I am. Life has taken a few twist and turns getting to this point. “And what point would that be”, you might ask. Or not, but I’ll tell you the answer anyway.

Will never get too old for Bali sunsets.

Will never get too old for Bali sunsets.

If we look at the superficial aspects, I’m currently freelancing from paradise. I’m living in a hostel, spending most of my time sitting in cafés writing and love driving the scooter to get there. Money is a stress factor, for sure, and sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing. But when these are your daily views, you can’t really complain.

The big thing, though, of reaching the admirable age of 30, is that I know what I’m too old for. I can say “I’m too old for this shit” and walk away, without feeling bad about it. (Or well, mostly. I'm getting there.)

So, I give you, a list of shit I’m just too old for.

*Drumroll please*

Too old for this shit

  1. Holding on to negative thoughts and false expectations.
  2. Playing it cool with my feelings because vulnerability scares the hell out me.
  3. Pretending things are okay when they are not.
  4. Letting others expectations dictate my choices.
  5. Judging other people and their choices.
  6. Holding on to people it is time to let go of.
  7. Worrying about things I cannot affect or control.
  8. Thinking I am not good enough.
  9. Waiting for things to happen instead of taking action.
  10. Not being grateful and happy exactly where I am, wherever that might be.

Bonus: Shit I’m totally not too old for



  1. Dancing till sunrise at a beach bar, just because I can.
  2. Learning something new, no matter how bad I am at it.
  3. Having pancakes for breakfast.
  4. Asking for help when I need it.
  5. Laughing so hard I cry.
  6. Taking insane chances once in a while.
  7. Writing blog posts with "shit" in the title.
  8. Yoga. You’re just never too old or too inflexible or too whatever-your-excuse-is. Just do it.