Kindle: A Love Story

Kindle: A Love Story

When it comes to books, I’ve been a bit of a conservative snob. I like to hold them, turn page corners, carry them with me everywhere I go. I even like the smell. You can find me at least once a week walking into a bookstore, drooling over all the books I want to take home with me. As a kid, I mastered the art of riding my bicycle while reading something I probably was too young to understand anyway. When it was time to start packing for my trip, I realised that bringing the seven books I wanted to read was not an option, unless I hired someone to follow me around, carrying all my things. Which was not accounted for in my budget.

Instead, I caved to technology. It was time to buy a Kindle.


That’s one of the best decisions I made last year (I’m a nerd, so yes, it qualifies). Reading is a huge passion of mine, and reading on a Kindle has added a valuable layer to it. Why, you might ask? Well, here’s why!

1. Amazing reading experience I have the one with a lit screen, and can read both in direct sunlight and the dark. If I’m tired I can make the text bigger, the typography is always to my liking and I never lose track of where I am.

2. Expanding your vocabulary Whenever there’s a word I’m unsure of, I tap it and the dictionary comes up, explaining it. All the words are collected in my personal vocabulary builder, where I go in and practice. Incredible valuable for someone who’s working on improving their English, which I am.

3. The highlight function Whenever I read something I want to remember, something beautiful or something that made me think, I highlight the section. It is saved and easy to access later. Going through my highlights makes me remember the best from books I liked.

4. Integration with Goodreads This is how I manage everything I read now. I add everything that sounds interesting to my Goodreads account, and via Kindle I can browse through it and pick the ones I want to read at the moment.

5. Tiny and light I like long, heavy books. It weighs a ton in my always overpacked handbag, and have you ever tried holding a George R. R. Martin book with one hand? Not an issue with Kindle.

Honestly, it makes me happy just looking at it. Some of you might think "well, duh, this is obvious", but there are probably a few old school people out there, still wondering why they should invest in one. This is why! ↑

(My love for inanimate objects is a story for another day though. Or maybe a psychologist.)

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