Checking in: Hello from Ubud

Checking in: Hello from Ubud

Checking in from Ubud, Bali! Right now I've just checked into a hostel, after staying a week in a private hotel room. It has been great with some privacy, but I'm looking forward to the hostel environment and meeting some new people.

I will miss this view from my balcony though.

The highs

  • Surfing! My previous attempt has, well, lacked success. But this time I actually surfed, for several hours, several days. On a real board. And now I'm officially hooked. Wake up at 4.30 to go surfing before breakfast? I'm not even hitting snooze.
  • A trip to a bunch of waterfalls. I joined a few people from the camp to go on a road trip (with a driver) up to the north side of Bali. We visited the Gitgit waterfalls and The Secret Garden (which was so secret I was surprised when we actually found it). The later featured a waterfall slide that made me swear I would come back to haunt my fellow travelers if I didn't survive. But I did, and had to admit it was fun.
  • The food. Especially here in Ubud, it's heaven for someone like me. I mainly eat vegetarian when I'm traveling, and have only had one bad meal so far. Almost everything is just delicious.
  • My new Kindle. I can't understand what took me so long to get one, but now that I have, it will never leave my side.

The lows

  • Being sick while traveling. It may look all sunsets and beach bums, but the fact is that I've yet to meet a person who has not experienced some version of "Bali belly". Add a cold to that, and the past week has not been pure excitement.
  • I miss breathing fresh air. Thanks to the heavy traffic and all scooters, the air here is not quite what I'm spoiled with.
  • Not realizing I needed to pay for Visa on arrival to be able to extend it after 30 days. So now I've booked a trip to Singapore over the day next week.

All in all, I have definitely had some good first few weeks. I started working this Monday and so far it's running pretty smoothly. Will be posting more on that in the coming weeks!

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