Finding your way

Finding your way

At my previous job my manager told me that I at some point would have to decide what to focus on. We were a small web agency, only three people, so I could get away with doing a little bit of everything. I liked playing around with code, so I built websites in Wordpress. Photography has been a passion for many years, and with that came an interest for Photoshop and editing, so I did some of that too. I studied communication new media, which resulted in a interest for the social media landscape. I could spend months discussing and analysing how business could use new tools and technologies to their advantage.

The list goes on, but in short I saw myself as a half decent Swiss Army knife and the idea of removing some of my interests for the benefit of one scared me. And I know I am far from alone in feeling a bit lost in what to focus on.

Picking a side

At my current job I was hired as a social media specialist. However, I am fortunate enough to work at a company where you get the opportunity to evolve and try different roles. During the last year things have started to fall into place and with my twenty-ninth birthday coming up I decided to put in some extra time contemplating the core question of it all:

What makes me excited about going to work in the morning?

  • I like being involved in different aspects of a project and understand the whole picture.
  • Being in a position with an overall responsibility triggers my motivation.
  • Working with people who are really good at what they do (and learn from them) inspire me.
  • I like leading a team towards a common goal and building something together.
  • I enjoy going through the process of understanding the client and what result they really want (which is usually not what they ask for in the first place).

All together it is getting clear to me what I should focus on right now. Project management. It is not something I would ever have guessed four years ago, it is far from easy and during my last project I learned about a hundred things I could have done better. And when working on my next project I will think about a hundred new things I can do better. Which is kind of the whole point of it all.

If you are having similar thoughts, trying to figure out what you want to do, you can start with watching this video about how to find fulfilling work. It might give some inspiration.

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