FINALLY. Ever since This American Life, one of my favorite podcasts, started teasing us about their new show in July I have been waiting not so patiently by my podcast app. I mean, come on, how long does a girl have to wait to get her new audio fix?

Last Thursday the first two episodes was released and, of course, it was worth the wait.

Serial is a new kind of podcast. We get to follow one single story, a true one, for a season. This one is about the murder of a high school student and if her ex boyfriend, who got convicted for the crime, really did it.

Listening to Serial is like sitting in the backseat of the reporters car and follow the investigation, thread by thread, as we try to figure out what really happened January 13, 1999. We hear from the ex boyfriend, the diary of the victim, people who knew them. There are multiple sides to every story told and I have no idea about how it will end. Is he guilty? Is he innocent?

What I do know is that I will follow it episode by episode. You should do the same.

(And if you are reading this blog and still don't know how podcasts work, Ira and Mary has a guide for you.)

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