New York, New York

New York. One of those places you have to see, and before you even arrive you know you're going to love it. Expectations were high when I got on the plane a few weeks ago and headed to JFK. And I was not disappointed.

I will not bore you with some kind of travel guide. Other people have already done it way better than I could after ten days, Niotillfem and Helen to mention two. But since I want to remember what I did and where I went, and enjoy reading others stories, I will summarize what New York was for me.

Coney Island

Beach, boardwalk and photogenic carousels. You see why I had to go there. Spent the day hanging out with Jenny and Johan at the beach, walking around and taking pictures of every ride we could find.

The Bourgeois Pig
The Bourgeois Pig

My colleague recommended this place because of the champagne punches. Great place to stop by before dinner, we thought, but then we discovered the menu. Champagne and cheese in all forms for dinner? Yes, please. Also, it feels like you are sitting in the lobby of a red light district establishment. What's not to like?

Clinton St Baking Company

Ok, I confess. I went here three times. First time by myself, then I had to introduce Jenny and Johan to it, and then also Sandra, Malin, and Helene. So you understand why I had to go back. Erhm.

Everyone recommends this place, and if you are not there early, you will have to wait outside. Totally worth it, though. If you are going to indulge in American pancakes, you might as well do it properly. You will not be disappointed. (Bacon fried in sugar? Yes, please.)

Me and Jenny spent an evening at the hipster bar Union Pool in Williamsburg. Fun place. What was more fun though, was my roommate E's response when I told him about it.

"Oh, you went to Union Pool? I see where you are. Like your state of mind. You know what I'm sayin'?"

I did not know what he was sayin'.

"It's a place where people go when they want to meet people. Know what I'm sayin'?"

Ah. Got it. It explained a lot.

The Meatball Shop

No, this is not like Swedish meatballs. It's a bit more exciting (if you ask me). You pick your meatballs, sauce, carbs and vegetables by drawing with a black marker on a laminated menu. Cozy environment, awesome service and I still dream about that affogato.

The High Line

Everyone recommends it, and I see why. Definitely worth walking through while in the area.

Another recommendation. At first we couldn't find it, then when we had given up, there it was. A small sign over a door you could barely notice. Cienfuegos is a Cuban bar, with a cozy atmosphere and some really special drinks.

And by special I mean insanely strong.

Saturday in Williamsburg

One day E, who I was staying with through AirBnB, invited me to tag along for a barbecue. It ended up being an awesome evening with water balloons, burgers, beers, drumming and singing in Portuguese, and then the night ended with dancing at The Woods. Needless to say, it was awesome.

The Spotted Pig

The burger. That's all I'm going to say. Go there, get the burger. And the fries are magical.

Hello street photographer

When I was walking through East Village with E one day, we ran into Richard Sandler, a street photographer. I didn't know about him before, but after looking through his website, I'm really impressed. Also, I may or may not end up in a photo somewhere.


My last night we went to the restaurant Gemma, at Bowery Hotel. Great food, but what made it more awesome was the atmosphere, with a million candles.


When you go to a club here, it may also happen that someone will draw your picture without looking at the paper and give it to you, framed and everything.

Love it.

So long for now

As I mentioned earlier, I stayed in a room through AirBnB. It was located in the middle of East Village, which was perfect for me. A lot of good restaurants and bars nearby. Also, my host E was really fun, and showed me around and let me tag along to things when I wanted to. The room was good as well, plenty of light and space. If you are planning to go to New York and need a place to stay, let me know and I will connect you!


New York, New York. Can't wait to go back.

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