Pep talk for writers

Pep talk for writers

Given the number of words I have written, and the number of words I have left to write, and the rate at which I am currently producing words, and the crappiness of said words, it is mathematically and physically impossible that I will ever finish this book.

- Lev Grossman, in his pep talk on National Novel Writing Month's website. (It does get more pep, you just have to read the whole text for yourself.)

I didn't discover The Magicians until earlier this year, but I fell in love with it instantly. If you also are a a fantasy nerd with a passion for everything that combines magic with a dark sense of humor, it will probably be your cup of tea. I think I read both of them within a couple of weeks and have been stalking said author in all social channels trying to figure out when I can get my hands on the next book (August 2014, if he gets it done. Which he better, these withdrawal symptoms is serious business.).

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