Welcome to Night Vale

If you are not already familiar with Welcome to Night Vale, prepare for being introduced to what might be the most amazeballs podcast ever. If you listen to three episodes without becoming a full on fanboy/girl, I am not sure we will ever be friends.

Describing Welcome to Night Vale is not an easy task. I saw someone explain it as "NPR meets the Twilight Zone". I haven't seen Twilight Zone, but from what I can tell by hearing about it, it sounds about right. I would put it like this; if you are a fan of Douglas Adams, you might love this podcast enough to use a towel with a purple eye embroidered on it on May 25.

In short, it is a radio show from the bizarro little desert town Night Vale. Where it is perfectly normal for the government to put people away for not voting correctly, where you have a glow cloud in the school board and a floating cat in mens bathroom, and well, I could go on for a while here, but you get the picture. Night Vale is weird and completely awesome. It also have an intriguing love story in the mix of it all. Not convinced? Check out some fan art on Tumblr or dive into their Twitter feed, with tweets like this and this.


Or just go ahead and start listening to the podcast right away. It will be well worth your time, I promise you.


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