About standing up for yourself

Meagan Marie is Community & Communication Manager at Crystal Dynamics. I have been following her on Facebook for quite a while, since I am a fan of Tomb Raider. Yesterday, she published a post I think you all should read. It is about standing up for yourself. About not letting sexist comments just slip with a chuckle.

While I can’t stop these comments and questions from arising when they pop up on random blogs across the web, I can stand up and say that that I won’t accept being talked to in this manner anymore. I’m not simply going to ignore you; I’m going to call you out and tell you that you’re being inappropriate.

Meagan Marie on What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Now, most of us do not have public jobs and do not have to stand being judged by our apparence on thousands of blogs. But most of us have gotten comments from random people, and many of us have let it go way to easy. And as she writes, it is time to stop accepting it.

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