Voice, tone and some personality

Tone of voice is something that comes up in every project I'm involved in. Since my focus is helping companies with their presence in social channels, knowing who they are and how they want to talk to people is pretty much where it all starts. So when I stumbled upon this virtual seminar, Voice and Tone: Creating Content for Humans, I immediately got interested. When I then saw who was talking, I got pretty excited. The person is no one other than Kate Kiefer Lee, Editor and Content Strategist at MailChimp.

Mailchimp(Let me stop you right there - if you are not familiar with MailChimp and their awesome copywriting skills, I recommend you get over there and check it out first. That is a brand with personality.)

Kate Kiefer Lee is also the person behind voiceandtone.com, which is MailChimps interactive guide to how to talk to the people following them. All explained in a graphic and simple way, that makes it easy for people to understand and relate to.

The seminar is 90 minutes and you will learn things like how to nail your brand voice and keeping it consistent, how to write with personality and how to tackle humor honesty and transparency.

It costs $129 and I will definitely sign up for it.

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