The Hidden World of Vivian Maier

The Hidden World of Vivian Maier

The story of Vivan Maier, street photographer who no one knew about until after her death, fascinates me. How could such an amazing photographer live a whole life without being recognized? Who was she? Did she ever try to pursue a career as a photographer? Was she happy with being a nanny? What was her motivation?

We will probably never really know.

What I love about her pictures is the honesty in them. The sincerity. She did not try to be witty or overdo her work. She just saw things the way they were, and captured little stories everywhere she went.

It also makes me think about how different a portfolio may look if someone other than oneself is the judge of what is good enough to be published. How many of these photographs would she have picked out herself? All of them, or would many have been rejected? When it comes to creatives, no one judge your work as hard as you do yourself. And because of that, a lot of great things might be lost.

And a very last thought, how great is it to be reminded that there are people how does things for their own sake - not to be famous.

(All images is, of course, Vivian Maier, and borrowed from

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