How I got talked to as a little girl

A couple of months ago, this article, "How to talk to little girls" by Lisa Bloom got shared like bananaz a zillion times. Everyone I know shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. If you haven't read it, you should. It's a great article. And it still pops up in my head sometimes. How people talked to me, and my friends, when I was a little kiddo. How that made us into the people we are today.

I was never the little cute girl. I can't remember getting compliments for how I looked. Not that I was butt ugly (I was bloody adorable, I tell you!), but people around me cared about other things. I got measured of what I did. Like arguing for what I believed in. Standing up for myself. And admitting when I had done something wrong and facing the consequences. My parents have a lot of faults, but I have to give them credit for that — they did let me know what was important. And other women in my family, like my grandmother, who was more an inspiring business woman than the traditional knitting lady, mostly talked to me about books and school.

And I think about who I would have been if I was a cute little girl. If my parents didn't give me credit for arguing for what I thought was right. If they just cared about me being quiet and cute. I would probably be a completely different person. And I'm not sure I would have liked that person very much.

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