Hi. I'm Sanna. Currently homeless and unemployed. Or "a freelancing location independent", as my friends keep reminding me to phrase it. Either way, in August 2016 I decided to commit to this way of life, after testing the waters a couple of times the past year. The first time as an employee for four months, the second as someone who only knew that Sweden was not an option.


I don't always take selfies ...

... but when I do, it's with my coffee foam selfie. (Singapore, you have the weirdest cafes and I love you for it.)

As a contrast to some others doing the same thing, I'm not running away from the corporate world. It's been a big part of my life, having an office, colleagues, and a team to work with every day are things one should not take for granted. But as I came back to Europe, job hunting in London with a decent amount of success, it also dawned on me that if I wanted to travel long-term and try new things, this was it. I'm not in a relationship, I don't have an apartment, I barely have any possessions, most of my life is already in a backpack anyway. No strings.

If you want to work with me in any way, take a look at this page and send me an e-mail at

If you're curious about what I'm currently doing, my /now page is always (well, mostly) updated.