Women 2.0

I don't have a daughter yet, but someday I might. And while I'm sure I won't be trying to actually make her look like a boy, I'll want for her all the opportunities that everyone - men and women alike -- ought to have, with no notion of what is or isn't appropriate for her gender. We'll read books and play video games and I'll ask her how she wants to change the world when she grows up. And if she says she wants to be a princess, I'll kindly explain that princess isn't really a viable profession in this day and age, but president still is.

And who knows? Maybe by then, that'll be the norm.

Julie Zhuo, Director of Product Design, Facebook on raising girls as boys.

I'm looking forward to a day when people will look back and shake their heads over how stupid things were 2013. A day where this really is the norm.


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