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Reflections from a corporate digital nomad

If you want to know about life as a “digital nomad” (I’m starting to find that phrase a bit funny and have to put quotation marks around it), there is an endless supply of blogs and articles purely dedicated to the subject. Great advice and funny experiences to learn from. Most of it, however, is focused on individuals doing their own thing. Freelancers, small startups, and bloggers.

My Remote Working Setup

The days just fly by, don’t they? Especially when you spend them in the little bubble of 30 degrees weather, yoga classes and raw food that is Ubud.

Life here is simple. I usually fill my days with reading and writing at different coffee shops, practicing yoga and occasionally hang out with people at the hostel. I have also joined in on the exhausting sport that is “Walking around the whole town trying to find an ATM that will give me money”, with limited success for days. (But this morning I actually found one that worked! BII Maybank on Jl. Raya Ubud, I love you. I might have clapped my hands and done a little dance in the ATM booth.)

I’ve also been working for two whole weeks now. So far it’s going well, better than I expected, and I wanted to share the basic setup we have. In case anyone is curious.