It’s no secret that one of my major book crushes is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. It made me visit, fall in love with and move to Scotland (only for a short period of time, but still). I have read the books so many times they are literally falling apart when I open them. And this summer, finally, after years of waiting, we will finally see the books brought to life. I could tell you how many times I’ve watched this teaser, but well, I stopped counting when I went double digits.

Pep talk for writers

Given the number of words I have written, and the number of words I have left to write, and the rate at which I am currently producing words, and the crappiness of said words, it is mathematically and physically impossible that I will ever finish this book. – Lev Grossman, in his pep talk on National Novel Writing Month’s website. (It does get more pep, you just have to read the whole text for yourself.) I didn’t discover The Magicians until earlier this year, but I fell in love with it instantly. If you also are a a fantasy nerd with a passion for everything that combines magic with a dark sense of humor, it will probably be your cup of tea. I think I read both of them within a couple of weeks and have been stalking said author in all social channels trying to figure out when I…

Warm Bodies

*Say something human. Say something human.* “How… are… you…?” *Nailed it.* Finally got around to watching Warm Bodies, which has been on my must-see list for forever. And as I suspected, I loved it. Perfect mix of irony, romance and zombies. Really, what more could you ask for in movie? Oh yeah, good music as well.

Welcome to Night Vale

If you are not already familiar with Welcome to Night Vale, prepare for being introduced to what might be the most amazeballs podcast ever. If you listen to three episodes without becoming a full on fanboy/girl, I am not sure we will ever be friends. Describing Welcome to Night Vale is not an easy task. I saw someone explain it as “NPR meets the Twilight Zone”. I haven’t seen Twilight Zone, but from what I can tell by hearing about it, it sounds about right. I would put it like this; if you are a fan of Douglas Adams, you might love this podcast enough to use a towel with a purple eye embroidered on it on May 25. In short, it is a radio show from the bizarro little desert town Night Vale. Where it is perfectly normal for the government to put people away for not voting correctly, where…

Why you should write

“The biggest benefit of writing, is that it allows you to store and organize your feelings, thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner as opposed to keeping them all jumbled in your own mind. There is a reason why the best creative people carry a notebook everywhere they go. If you are really not willing to share your writing publicly, the very least you can do is to write for yourself, whether you prefer to carry physical notebooks or type in digital journals.” – Winnie Lim, “The power of your writing”. I urge you to read the full post. (Via @walternaeslund)

How to survive Girls withdrawal

A couple of days ago, a friend wrote to me on Facebook in frustration. “Gaaah, when is Girls coming back?!” I hear ya. The Girls withdrawal can be painful, especially since they are filming season 3 now and we still don’t know when it will air. But there are ways to survive. Watch every Inside the Episode on Youtube (if you haven’t already). Follow the Season 3 Production Diary on Storify. Listen to the music from Girls on Spotify. Follow Lena Dunham on Instagram. Listen to the interview with Lena on Alec Baldwins podcast Here’s The Thing. Watch Tiny Furnitures (almost a prequel!). Follow the cast and crew of Girls on this Twitter list. Read the Tumblr What Should We Call Girls. Pure awesomeness. And of course, follow Girls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

AfterLight (the only photo editing app you’ll ever need)

I have tried a great deal of photo editing apps for my iPhone. Some are fun, but no one really covered everything I needed. Either I found them to complicated to use quickly on the go, or I just grew tired of them. Then I found AfterLight. It started with people buzzing about it on Instagram (then with the name Afterglow). I downloaded it and I have not used another photo editing app since. It has all the stuff you need. You can change the basics, like exposure, vignette, sharpening, contrast and so on. You have a bunch of filters and textures, which you can combine and choose transparency. And of course you also have several fun frames to work with. Not to mention that it works flawless and faster than any other photo app I have ever tried. Download it here and you won’t regret it.

The Tutu Project

It all started with Bob Carey taking pictures of himself in a pink tutu, both for fun and to express himself. Then his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, and what started as joke transformed into a project to support the fight against breast cancer; The Tutu Project. Truly inspiring (and funny). You can help support the cause here (perhaps by buying the book). Bob Carey and The Tutu Project from PocketWizard on Vimeo.

Gone fishing

He was a big man, my old friend. His name was Jan, most people called him Janne. When he came into a room, people noticed. Not only because he was both tall and wide, but because he laughed higher than anyone in there. And he laughed a lot. He was a fisherman. We owned a small cabin village in the middle of the forest, where he was our only permanent resident. We had some great fishing water around there. It was a small cabin, but he managed to fit a surprisingly large collection of movies in there. Whenever I came over, he made me gooseberry soda and put on my favorite movie, Across the Great Divide. On VCR, of course. It must be at least fifteen years since I saw it the last time, but I still remember every line. Since we lived in the middle of nowhere, where we had…