A first for everything (such as car photography)

Sports and cars. That would be my two biggest blind spots. When people talk about the hockey game last night or some new car on the market, my eyes go blank and my mind wander off to some place more interesting. Like what to eat for dinner. And I hate cooking.

But throw in a camera in the mix, and it becomes instantly more interesting. A while ago I got the chance to help Bobby take some pictures of a car he was testing for an online magazine. A Porsche Cayman GTS, if that tells you anything.

Porsche Cayman GTS Porsche Cayman GTS Porsche Cayman GTS Porsche Cayman GTS Porsche Cayman GTS

This was new territory for me, and in hindsight there was a bunch of things I could have done better. But it was fun and I would actually love to do more of it. Who knows, give me a year and maybe I’ll even get myself a driver’s license.

Read the review and see more pictures at tjock.se (in Swedish).




  1. Haha, jag misstog precis din blogg för Jon Olssons. Det kan inte ha hänt förut. Eller? Inte förrän jag tredje gången läste om din blind spot för bilar (för han älskar bilar) förstod jag att något inte stämde.

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