4 noteworthy things this friday

→ Eatpraycrib

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Elizabeth Gilbert is selling her amazing house and of course creates a site with the name eatpraycrib. Can someone just by this house for me? (I would never leave the Skybrary.)

→ Noisli ♬

A site with the perfect background noise of your choice. Soon also available as an app. The rain and thunder is very convincing (and somewhat scary if you are home alone in your house late at night).

→ 3 newsletter worth subscribing to

Article in Swedish, but the two of the three recommended newsletters are written in English. Will try them all out.

→ The Letting Go Ebook

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Leo Babauta writes the blog zenhabits and have just now published another free ebook. About mastering the art of letting things go. Something we all could be better at.