Digital Media Consultant

A also spend a lot of time with my friends Mr Outlook and Mr Word, though we are not exactly on friendly terms.

It’s Saturday and after a two hour walk (combined with some running) I decided to play around with my new crush. Since people sometimes wonder what I actually do at work, I thought a piechart might be the perfect way to explain it. Pretty much sums it up, right?

(Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Sort of.)


  1. 4o% ppt-produktion, 40% möten, 10% äta tårta för att fira nån lansering av webbplats, årsredovisning etc, 5% bråka med tidrapporteringssystemet och 5% prata om Blondinbella, Justin Bieber eller andra livsviktiga saker med rumskamraten. Tror du detta stämmer för min del?

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