Anyone who has met me during the last year is probably sick of hearing me talking about Asana. But when a product is that good, I just can’t help myself.

If you, against all odds, have not heard about Asana, it is a tool for structuring what you have to do. To help you prioritize and get things done. For me, my days would simply not work without a reliable project management system, and Asana has every function I need, in plain user interface that helps me focus. So if you ever have issues with keeping control of your to do-list, well, I don’t really have to say it.


  1. Thanks for the post Sanna. Incidentally, Asana is the subject of my #blogg100 blog post for tomorrow, under the category of “app tips”. Welcome by.

    • Thank you for reading it Artem! Always nice with fellow Asana fans. 🙂

  2. Well, when you two years ago stated “I will always use Asana”, I wrote it on a post-it and have had great fun – not for a second believing that “always” would last for more than a few months.

    But this blog post? I think it shut me up. Haha 🙂

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