Stick with the awkwardness

Stick with the awkwardness, there is something magical beyond it. Go to yoga. Run. Hate it until you enjoy it.

There are some good advice in this post, this quote in particular. The feeling when you move past the awkwardness truly is magical. And worth every bruise you got getting there (yes, pole, I’m talking about you).

Next up in the phase of complete awkwardness and terror, waiting for magic: surfing. More on that in August.

“What a strange way to be alive.”

In this video by Kenny Laubbacher, Jedidiah Jenkins describes something I’m thinking about a lot these days. How aware are you really about life? Who controls your days? What do you want to look back at when you are 85 years old?

Follow his journey on Instagram, @jedidiahjenkins.

Finding your way

Finding your way

At my previous job my manager told me that I at some point would have to decide what to focus on. We were a small web agency, only three people, so I could get away with doing a little bit of everything. I liked playing around with code, so I built websites in WordPress. Photography has been a passion for many years, and with that came an interest for Photoshop and editing, so I did some of that too. I studied communication new media, which resulted in a interest for the social media landscape. I could spend months discussing and analysing how business could use new tools and technologies to their advantage.

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Things I learned 2014

In the beginning of this year I wrote that 2014 would be a year for answers.

It was.

It has not been a parade of happy times. I have not been dressed by little birds in the mornings and I still curse people on the subway on a daily basis. You know, the usual ups and downs. But I have learned a thing or two about myself and what I want to do with my life. Realized my priorities, made a few decisions.

But before diving into the chaos that will be my life in January, here is what 2014 taught me.

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A first for everything (such as car photography)

Sports and cars. That would be my two biggest blind spots. When people talk about the hockey game last night or some new car on the market, my eyes go blank and my mind wander off to some place more interesting. Like what to eat for dinner. And I hate cooking.

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Perrine & Stefan

October 4 was not a day like any other. It was the day when Perrine and Stefan got married. And I had the privilege of documenting it all with my camera.

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Conference Report: Sime 2014

Sime. A conference by, and with, a bunch of fun and crazy people. I used to be part of the team, and as we former Sime people joke about, once you are in, you are never really getting out. Every year I am surprised by how much I still enjoy it. So, here is my brief summary of Sime 2014.

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The Craft of Storytelling

One of the best parts about my job is that I get to go to things like The Conference. The Conference is a conference that is not that easily described. I would say it is mainly about media and communication, but often with a different perspective. With speakers from all over the world, with a wide range of backgrounds and a high standard of presentations, I was impressed.

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“It’s great to let go. I should have started sooner.”

A few times a year me and my friends take turns in hosting brunch for each other. We all bring something to the table, one makes magical scones, another one the best scrambled eggs in the world and the one who is somewhat disabled in the kitchen (me) makes american pancakes from a finished mix. Then we sit down and talk about life for hours.

Today was one of those days and one thing we discussed was that people should be more aware of how short life can be. Not in the extreme way I am, who wakes up in the middle of the night thinking “Oh my god, I could die tomorrow, what the hell am I doing with my life?!”, but put things more in perspective. Such as asking yourself what is really important in your life, and what could you let go of.

When I got home I watched this TED Talk with amazing Isabel Allende. It pretty much says it all.

Also, I want to be like Isabel Allende when I grow up.



Scotland, you pretty thing you. It can go months when I do not think about you at all, but then it just hits me how much I miss you.

The nature. The history. The people.

There is just something about you that keeps me coming back.

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Next year, Portugal

In Costa Rica I tried surfing for the first time. It was one of those things where you are sure you will not make it out of there alive, but at the same time you are having too much fun to stop. A few months later, end of August, I went to Portugal. One week at Baleal Surf Camp and a few days in Lisbon. Perfect way to end the summer.

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Ever since This American Life, one of my favorite podcasts, started teasing us about their new show in July I have been waiting not so patiently by my podcast app. I mean, come on, how long does a girl have to wait to get her new audio fix?

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